I have tried everything that the medical community has thrown at me since my motorcycle accident and a life threatening bout with MRSA. The medications prescribed by my “Drs” had me addicted to the point that I had to go through 6 painful and horrible withdrawals to get off the pain medications. The IV antibiotics left me with sever nerve damage throughout my body.  I really had no hope and neither did my family.

Over the last 2 years I have lost who I was and many times gave up on life itself.  In the short time I have been coming to therapy, I have better mobility, 75% less nerve pain. I can wear shoes and have a near active normal day. My stress level is at the lowest I have ever lived.

Because of you and the treatments I am receiving, I am now looking outside the box and away from traditional medicine to try and get my life back. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

I know that traditional medicine has its place, but you have to listen to your body and be a part of its repair.  It took me almost two years to figure that out.

I implore anyone who has been failed by traditional medicine and Drs (Pill Pushers) to give this a try.  You have nothing to lose. I now have found a pathway to a new life with hope. Thank you George!!!"

 Robert S.  El Dorado Hills 


"George Wang is the finest practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Chi Gong, that I have the great good fortune of knowing. He has used his art and talents to successfully treat me and members of my family for a variety of conditions, including muscle spasms and inflammation, Achilles tendon injury, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Arthritis, Kidney conditions, and the pain of Neuropathy.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine have ancient roots in China.  Hundreds of conditions and unresolved health problems are amenable to TCM treatment, for example, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Sinus Trouble, Gynecological Disorders, Detoxification, just to name a few common conditions we are subject to. 

I have studied and taught the key features of Chinese Culture, Philosophy, and TCM to thousands of students at Sacramento State University for 38 years. "

David W. Long, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Comparative and Chinese Philosophy


“Hello George:

I want to thank you for the personal care and effective treatment you provided. My neck muscles were sore from computer work, and I have tried variety of anti-inflammatory medications, exercises, massage, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna treatments. None gave me the satisfactory relief for long. As a medical doctor, I know the limits of Western medical therapy. That was why I turned to you and your acupuncture, acupressure therapy. Your treatment proved to be effective after the first visit, and was long lasting after the 4th visit on, with no evidence of any side effect, soreness or bruising.

By the way, my wife Kim also sent you her thanks for the treatment of her insomnia.

Your skills and service are valuable, and you can count on me to make recommendation to others.

Best wishes on your practice, and best regards."

Dr. Nguyen, MD - El Dorado Hills


“I was hospitalized for what doctors thought was a stroke. After I was released they started treated the nausea and headache/migraine symptoms with medication.  It wasn't working and making me feel horrible. I took myself off medication and started acupuncture. After my first acupuncture treatment the nausea was completely gone.  After the fourth treatment the headaches starting coming down and my high blood pressure has returned to normal. My headaches are almost completely gone after my 8th treatment.  I'm looking forward to the next few with the expectations the headache will be gone.”

Katrina M. – El Dorado Hills


"I wanted to acknowledge the facts George Wang has helped improve my life!  Since my life altering accident a decade ago, I live with daily chronic pain throughout three different areas in my body! I have tried almost everything to reduce my pain and without doubt acupuncture is the most effective! George is very passionate about his work and goes well beyond any other I've ever met!  Stop hanging on the fence and go see George, without question he can help you too!"

Thanks again, Zach E. - Folsom, CA


"I was 38 years old when we decided “now it is the time to start family”. One of my friends recommended to try acupuncture to balance my energy and increase the chance. So we were lucky to find one of the best acupuncturist in town. I got first pregnancy positive after 3 months treatments, but it did not last. So I lost hope and gave myself 6 months to get back and I went back to have another round of acupuncture, and after 2 months I got pregnant again. A very good healthy pregnancy at 39 and our little girl born when I turned 40! So Happy and Grateful! 

 George, Thank You so much! Many blessings!”

Rita, El Dorado Hills


"George gives exceptional service. He is very knowledgeable in his field. He took the extra time to research and learn about my rare disease so he could customize my treatment plan to relieve me from chronic pain. I left his office pain free and I am still pain free after a day. I have not been pain free this long for nine months. It was amazing how he knew exactly where my pain was without me even telling him. I've tried all kinds of medicine including pain meds, PT and other treatments with no relief. I almost gave up trying to find relief until I found George. I am so thankful I found George and he is able to give me relief from my chronic pain I now have hope and I look forward to getting my life back.  I would highly recommend George. "

Stacy G. - Placerville, CA


"I had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months. When I started acupuncture for fertility issues, it wasn’t long before I got my BFP. I highly recommend getting acupuncture to increase your chances of getting pregnant! George is great! "

Stefanie, El Dorado Hills


"On October 9th 2012 I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, after hospital testing etc. and receiving the typical western medicine, a friend of mine recommended acupuncture to speed up recovery process. With the help and advice of Mr. Wang we were able to fight and re-leave the7 cranial nerve of pressure, and within less than 4 weeks I was completely healed from Bell's Palsy.  Thanks you, George!!"

JVD from El Dorado Hills


"Ten years ago my husband and I decided it was time to start a family. After two years of no success we went to the doctor and tried every natural solution possible, but unfortunately nothing came about. We were referred to a fertility clinic in Roseville and tried a round of IVF, again without success. We decided to take some time off and after a three years we decided to try again, but this time we researched acupuncture. We were referred by our friend to see George. We decided this would be it considering we still had frozen embryos left at the clinic. After only three visits and so much less stress we are proud to say we are 4 months pregnant! George was so helpful and listens to your body. He is all about natural healing and without him we are convinced we would not be pregnant today if it wasn't for his expertise. Thank you George and we will be seeing you soon." 

J & H, Cameron Park, CA


"I came to see George as my partner and I were trying to get pregnant with no luck. It wasn't surprising; I am 43 and had never had children, and statistically women in this age range don't meet with much success trying to naturally conceive. However, all of my tests had come back completely normal, so it was simply 'unexplained'. We were just about to go to an IVF consultation when I began seeing George for twice-weekly sessions. I got pregnant two weeks later. I really think that acupuncture was the "X-factor" needed in combination with a healthy lifestyle including lots of water, healthy food and exercise, reducing stress, and balancing hormones, especially my thyroid. We are very thankful to George and would encourage anyone in a similar situation to go see him."

Anne W. and Scot L. Folsom


“I just wanted to let you know that I got great results from your Acupuncture treatments for my back pain. Thank you so much for the great treatments, and I really appreciate your knowledge of alternative medicine and the different way to deal with my problems which helped me tremendously.”   

Ken, El Dorado Hills, CA


“I decided to try acupuncture to help with fertility and after 5 sessions I got my first positive pregnancy test ever! I’m now in my second trimester with a healthy baby girl. Acupuncture has continued to help me during my pregnancy, especially with nausea and fatigue

Carrie R, Folsom


“I have an allergic constitution; I have had symptoms of stuffy nose and extreme itching in my ears and eyes. After the first acupuncture treatment, I felt so much improved and felt much better. I believe future treatments will improve my allergies. Thank you! " 

Cindy, El Dorado Hills, CA


“Last month, I got minor cough that I visited George for a treatment.  While he was treating my cough, he asked me if any other area that cost me trouble.  I told him my shoulder pain and I have problem lifting my left arm, only with 1 treatment, I felt a lot better and thank you so much for your caring and treatment” - P.H. W.  Folsom CA


“I came to see practitioner George for several different health problems, including digestive problems and muscular pain, I feel George has an incredible knowledge to diagnose my problems that associated my symptoms with the causes and stress. After a set of treatments, the results have been excellent. Thank you for being such a great help”  - Chris, Cupertino, CA


“George’s acupuncture treatments have greatly improved the motion in my arthritic shoulders and almost eliminated my lower back pain. I was pleased with the progress after only a few sessions and I really grateful for the caring treatments I received." - Jeanne, Sunnyvale, CA


“I had been suffering from chronic headaches over years, and tried every conventional method to treat the symptoms, and I had an MRI done and nothing wrong with my brain which was a big relief.  After tired of the countless medications that came with the side effects. I decided to give it a try for acupuncture.

A friend of mine referred me to practitioner George and he was discussed with me in details about my diet and lifestyle and made recommendations changing some of the eating habits, I was feeling better after only the first treatment, and after 6 treatments, my headaches have gone from daily to maybe once per week and the severity of the pain has lessened dramatically, I am so thankful the treatments which make me have a normal life free of chronic pain, I highly recommend George to my friends and family." - Nancy, Cupertino, CA